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This site is dedicated to the search for truth. The nature of the ideas presented here is the result of research and study conducted over many years. Feel free to browse and take with you any thoughts you find helpful in your own search for greater knowledge and understanding.

Below are links that will take you to various sources of information that may be useful, interesting, or even profound.

In conjunction with Lantern Books a list of selections from metaphysical areas will be updated regularly for your interest. The book list provides a nice source and opportunity for increasing your astrological and metaphysical knowledge.

Astrology is a metaphysical system that describes our destiny in the universe; it manifests from within the solar system as Spirit, and dwells in living things as Soul. Links to a study of Mystical Experience can be found here too. Also, check the quotes page; if you don't have a favorite quote when you arrive, you probably will when you leave.

We regret this site no longer offers a full range of astrological Services. There are numerous astrology sites listed on the links page that will be happy to have you visit. To all our old and valuable customers we wish you all a life of Trines and Sextiles. Many thanks.

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John Hammelton is now a theoretical astrologer; he began his study of astrology in Southern California. His astrological activities include writing and lecturing for the American Federation of Astrologers, writing Astro-Forecasts for local newspapers, and numerous articles published in various journals. [Image] John holds a Master's degree in Philosophy from Cal State University Long Beach.


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