The Case for Soul Mates

       Is there such a thing often referred to in mystical literature as soul mates, and to what extent can anything be said about them? There are esoteric interpretations from various sources through which some consistency holds, but nothing substantial can be affirmed. Yet, it tends to be a popular subject for discussion among many people young and old.

       Living things house soul that give rise to sentience; soul was quite undifferentiated and near formless in the beginning, being as simple as the organisms it belonged to. In the animal realm it is thought that every species share in a group soul that guides the spiritual evolution of that species. The individual trees in a forest may not have unique souls, but they share the Spirit of the forest itself. Life is Spirit expressed through soul.

       Through eons of time the human species evolved from physical creatures struggling to survive in a hostile world to thinking beings capable of recognizing ethical principles, and assuming moral and Karmic responsibility for their actions. As each physical entity took on its own mantle of spirituality as male or female, mating patterns began. In time, affinities developed between souls that drew them together, and the law of Karma began recording the progress of each soul on its journey to ever higher realms of completion.

       People tend to think that their soul mate will be the perfect counterpart of them, and therefore destined to be with each other for all time. This may be the case, but it is also likely that several potential soul mates are within the sphere or perimeter of any particular soul, and that ever changing conditions ultimately decides which of them join in union. This doesn't mean that any soul is rejected, but rather directed by their own choices that determine future relationships.

       Since each soul establishes its own unique history as it evolves, it is probable that potential soul mates occasionally meet in a lifetime to align their differences before taking on new personalities in future incarnations. As each soul attains to ever higher levels of perfection, the time span between incarnations lengthens due to the necessity of reaching the conditions required to work on further refinement.

       One might think, and it is probable, that soul mates reunite in the astral planes between Earth lives, but it is not necessary that both souls be incarnated at the same time, and individual soul growth may require residence in other areas of vastly different celestial influence. Also, one partner finishing their last physical incarnation may precede the other into the spiritual realms and wait for their soul mate to pass over; this by providence would not be known to the one still in life.

       Once the spiritual Ideal is met, the soul is freed from the round of births and deaths. As with any ideal situation, there are always alternatives, but the law is well established regardless of the outcome, and some unique situations do occur. Itís likely that soul mates, or twin flames, may try to coordinate their last life experience on Earth, and come together for the final transition to the other side. This would be a very extraordinary relationship. They should be almost perfectly matched, experiencing harmony and peace, and have unusual insights into each other. While they may not pass over at the exact same time, it is usually within a short time that the other follows.

       It should be mentioned that having a soul mate is not a requirement, or a necessity, in life or the spiritual realm. A single soul can be a full and wholly complete entity unto itself, with all the power that is required to fulfill the mission that awaits it. Souls are bound up in cosmic processes. The more highly evolved souls having balanced their Karma now have the tools necessary to complete work involving physical processes leading to structures that perpetuate life, mind, and soul throughout the universe.

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