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        After discussing marriage and children, this is a good place to approach another contentious subject: Pro-choice, and pro-life.

        From my point of view, life is sacred; it is divine from its origin and applies to all living things. Life is slowly evolving as it attains to ever more loftier spiritual heights, and this occurs in stages or transitions that we recognize as birth and death.

        With all things physical, they have a beginning as atoms and molecules coalesce into the designs of nature. In general terms, we might say that DNA represents the foundation of life while not exactly being alive, yet a virus is hardly more than DNA wrapped in a sheath, but it appears to live to survive. We have to ask–at what point does sentienceness manifest in life, or life acquire sentience? For our purpose we will assume that a cell with a nucleus, mitochondria, ribosomes, and other neat stuff, has reached the complexity to support the sentience that maintains life. This is not to say that it thinks, but rather acts or reacts in a sensible purposeful way; reflective thinking beings come later through evolution. So, am I saying that bacteria, slime mold, and other icky stuff that live are sacred? In principle, yes, but anything that compromises our health should be immediately done away with. What about other higher forms of life, like spiders, flies, mosquitos, ants, etc. should they be done away with too? They are more highly evolved than slime mold and I respect their right to survive. In the world of nature I leave them alone, but inside my home they are pests, and will be removed or eradicated. They are trespassing into my domain, uninvited, and may be a threat to my well bing.

        There is an ancient religious sect in India called Jainism; the adherents sweep the path before them so as not to step on any bugs. They worry that the taking of life will affect their Karma. While this may be true–on principle–I do not believe that it interferes to any extent with their overall spiritual growth. I too will avoid stepping on these critters, if I see them first. The same with larger forms of higher life, I've run into rattlesnakes in the back country, but skirt around them and go my way. On the other hand, if I find one in my yard, that's a different story.

        We should treat all animals with respect; we share life together; we are all spiritual beings on the same long spiraling path to higher perfection. In my eyes, killing them is a sin. I am not talking about stock animals that we breed for food, but the creatures that are here for the same reason we are. How can anyone that loves and respects magnificent animals wantonly go out, hunt them down, and kill them? It might be one thing to slay them out of the necessity to survive, but our craving for red meat can be assuaged at the marketplace, not in a sport that ends with death. Yes, I know, we have to manage our game herds since we've removed natural predators like mountain lions. A quick kill is a lesser evil than letting animals suffer and starve to death.

        Gun ownership is becoming an issue, and for the record, I have been a gun owner all my life, and I like to target practice, but they are never used for useless killing. It is also a good feeling knowing I can defend my life, home, and country, things that I would give my life for.

        Pro-choice appears to be the contrary of Pro-life for many people, but from what is being said here, it is not. Our lovely ladies bear the ordeal of giving birth, and it is nobody's business what they choose to do about it. Abortion is an option, but there are guidelines. The primary question is–when does a fetus acquire a soul?

        This is a realm with a wide array of possibilities, and there are a multitude of spiritual entities in line for rebirth that far outnumber all the babies being born. Generally speaking, the longer a soul has been on the spiritual path, the more likely it is an older soul, and therefore more highly evolved than younger souls. The time between births is usually shorter for younger souls, and longer for older souls simply because older souls have less to work on, and must confront more specific conditions. Call it a honing process, a cleansing of the soul releasing it from the rounds of births and deaths that represents the cycle of life.

        Most souls stay within the lineage of the same family, but it is not a necessity. Some souls may reject a fetus for particular reasons, but others may not have that option due to the nature of their Karmic debts. The development of the fetus must match, at birth, the conditions required of the soul. There are an almost unlimited number of possibilities that are narrowed down as the fetus develops. According to Edgar Cayce in his trance state, a soul may occupy the body as early as six months before birth. This is one reason why abortions should be restricted to the first three months.

        Since a new incarnation is a huge event for an incoming soul, it will wait with great anticipation for the joyous moment of birth to take up the challenges of a new life. That is why astrologers cast the chart for the time of birth. A fetus is not a human being until it is born, that is when the soul takes occupancy of the physical body, and acquires its identity as a spiritual entity. (Edgar Cayce mentions that a soul may "hover" over a newborn for as long as a month after birth before the veil drops and they become one). A dead baby at birth never had a soul to lose.

        A woman should take every precaution to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. If it happens, and a girl or woman is in no condition to accept the responsibility of raising a child, then she is morally obligated to seek an abortion in the first trimester, or three months. For it is not likely that the embryo is a viable life form housing a soul this early in a pregnancy. In any case, it is not murder, as some claim. The most important thing souls need beginning a new life is love and protection. They need all the opportunities possible to hasten their spiritual growth and fulfill their purpose, not to mention creating a better world for others yet to come.

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