A Brief Intro

         The primary emphasis of this work focuses on our personal relationship to the world, and the forces that have brought it about. There is a direct link from all of us to the meaning and purpose of why things are the way they are. The laws of physics have broken ground in explaining how everything works from functions in the human body to cosmological wonders in the greater universe, but not why. We trust in observation to answer most of our questions, yet life is still a mystery without an explanation. Hence, philosophers have grappled with solving this dilemma for centuries.
         The author firmly believes that the third century Neo-Platonic philosopher Plotinus describes best the relationship between the inner Self of every individual to the nature of the outer world. It is said that Plotinus bridged the gap between Eastern religions and Western thought. His mystical philosophy connects life to the primary function of our reality. That connection is the focus of this work.
         The first quote below is a simple but unique statement of how a sentient universe might be defined. The second quote is a more complex description of how it could possibility join the physical and spiritual domains in a single unity.

Is the Universe Sentient?
         If so then maybe the Universe has the ability to break itself into many pieces and invest itself in every form of life.
         Thus, every being sentient and non-sentient is a projection of a part of the Universal Soul.
Then the Universe uses the perspective of individual beings in a process of self-examination and a search for meaning.
         Maybe that's what the meaning of Life really is, something for each of us to discover for ourselves. Since each of us is different, therefore the meaning of Life is different for each of us.
So that we will have to find our own place in the Universe.
          So that eventually all beings are truly One.
What do you think?
                    Nelson T

Life animates the universe creating souls that upon leaving their home systems add to the expanding Sentient Universe by initiating stellar formation. Stars build into galaxies where at the center black holes create conduits giving birth to new universes. The first thing that comes out of a Big Bang are intelligible laws or there would be chaos in the physical realm. The whole process creates time and space within the multiverse. Life is the dynamic aspect of reality bearing mind and matter through cycles coming into being and passing away forever in an eternal and infinite void.

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