I have been asked about Gay Marriage, and my opinion about its status in society. I donít expect to find many people in agreement with me, but there is usually an alternative way to look at things, and this is one of them.

        First, we need to define Marriage. It means many things to many people, but for me its primary purpose is for the protection of the offspring. In our society the first thing marriage minded couples want to do is get a license, head for the Justice of the Peace, or church, and have a ceremony. In my imagined society a license is issued only to couples that have brought a child or children into the world. A legal Marriage guarantees that the parents accept the responsibility for what they have brought forward into life. A divorce decree is never issued until children have grown up and reached the age of independence. Of course, this does not guarantee that children wonít be abandoned or abused, but in each and every case the parents cannot shirk from their duty to nurture their offspring, even though the state might have to step in to protect the child, and correct the parents.

        This makes for an interesting situation: a man can have many wives; if he has fathered children from many women, then he must legally marry the mother of each child, and he is obligated to provide for the child, and keep his whereabouts known. The same for women, a mother of offspring fathered by many men ends up with many legal husbands. Both parents are responsible for the well-being of their children; even if one is not, the other must make it known to the proper authorities. I can see a case in which several fathers might come together to work out a problem with their common wife and mother of their respective children. Countless situations could arise, and require a unique solution, but protection of innocent children is the ultimate goal.

        Couples can consummate their union in any way they wish, but a legally binding marriage is required when offspring result from that union. The union of two men or two women does not meet the conditions for a legal marriage, simply because it is not biologically possible for them to produce children. Yes, gay couples can adopt, but they cannot undo the bond between the blood ties of the parents to their children, and children to the parents. In the far distant past, two men or two women "roomed" together under the assumption it was for convenience or necessity. Now gay couples are out of the closet, so to speak, and openly proclaiming their union as sexual partners; they are as free as any hetero-couple to marry in any ceremony of their choice, and free to walk away in the event it doesnít work out. (The division of their property and assets would have to be worked out by the couple or their attorneys).

        We have reached a point in human history when it is possible to control our growing population. New methods of birth control are making it easier to prevent unwanted children from being born into the world. With marriage laws geared to protect the offspring first, we could enter a new era in which all children are raised with love and care. And that means fewer correctional centers, fewer treatment homes, and fewer ruined lives resulting from the birth of unwanted, and uncared for children. Institutions such as marriage evolve over many years, and remain entrenched for generations, so my views may come to pass in a society of a very different order way off in the far future.

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