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Zodiacal Zephyr. Resources galore here; lots of nice features, and all the latest innovations in Web design.

Astrology-Online. Lots of astrology going on; not to mention the neat graphics and colors.

Easyscopes Astrological Information via Zodiac Signs. This is the place to read a forecast for your sign; daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Starlight Astrology. Visit this nicely done state of the art web site. Many features make this a full service astrological center.

Internet Atlas and Time Zone Database. Throw away your old atlas; this site has data for most cities in the world. Very useful, accurate, and necessary for chart construction.

Edgar Cayce Web Site. The Association for Research and Enlightenment founded this organization to further the psychic work of Edgar Cayce, also known as the sleeping prophet. Many ideas in his readings play an important part in my book: The Philosophy of Astrology.

Archetypal Astrology. Michael McLay has created a touchstone for anyone with an interest in archetypal/Jungian astrology.

Astrology in Action. Very comprehensive Web Site; with a Daily Forecast; Pet and Child Astrology; a " Women in Business" Page, and a Chance to Win in a Free Drawing. Take a Look!

Spiritual Minds. Lots of neat stuff happening here; wow.

Tarot Decks by Pilgrims is an information and resources website dedicated to the Tarot and its related subjects.

Azrael. This is a difficult subject for most to contemplate, and many will laugh and scoff, but there really are angels. Their concern grows, and for reasons not obvious to us; now the time has come for them to break their silence and speak.

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