Empty Houses Ninth House


You have an adventurous spirit, and enjoy seeking out the exotic and strange, especially in foreign lands and different cultures. The desire for travel is strong, and you need little encouragement to take off, and distance is usually no problem. Although you take an active approach to looking at other points of view, you tend to vigorously defend your own philosophical concepts, and enjoy an occasional dialogue with others that disagree with you. Much is the same with your religious views and attitudes; there is little likelihood you are apt to be converted to anything you have not previously embraced wholeheartedly. On the other hand, you can be a crusader for your cherished beliefs.


Although you like staying near the home fires, once prodded away, you enjoy travel and the experience of other lands and cultures. There is a good likelihood of benefit through travel either in business, or pleasure. You take comfort in your ideals, and hold to your philosophical beliefs; although you prefer to remain open and receptive, there is a point when you're ready to end the dialogue rather than argue over differences of opinion. There is a tendency to become involved with church activities on a social level, or enjoy friends within the local community. Your easy going manner pleases those that share in your lofty ideas.


Always on the go, you prefer to be on the road rather than hanging around the same old place. You have a strong intellectual curiosity about foreign cultures, and look forward to visiting those faraway lands whenever the opportunity comes up. Air travel is the most likely form of transportation, with rail getting you around more scenic countryside. Your mental interests lean toward lofty subjects such as religion and philosophy, although you find it difficult to take a stand on any one point of view. You tend to be a brilliant conversationalist when engaged in intellectual discussions about life and its ramifications, and your amiable and agreeable nature make you popular among more academic types.


There is a very good probability of long distance travel coming along in life, and an inclination to visit ancestral lands, or look up lost relatives that remained in the home country. While everyone is usually in a rush to get where they want to go, you would prefer travel by ship, especially a cruise ship, on an ocean voyage, or even inland waterways such as rivers and lakes. You tend to find comfort in your religions convictions, and usually stay with the ideals you were raised with. There is an appeal to the solemnity and peace brought by following through with the observances of your particular church. Your emotional depth along with keen psychic senses have a way of elevating you to higher realms of aesthetic and beatific awareness.


The indication is favorable for long journeys, and much benefit can come about through business and other arrangements when the effort is undertaken to reach others at a distance, or in foreign lands. The form of preferred travel include air, sea, and highway, although rail travel is not excluded. You have a genuine interest in learning and understanding strange cultures or people, and your ability to establish a rapport with them is a distinct and valuable quality. You tend to be a staunch supporter of your ideals, and would never compromise your beliefs, or lower your standards. You are not inclined to change the religion you were brought up in, and observance of church functions is generally acceptable practice for your family as well as yourself.


You often get the wanderlust urge, and it would be to your benefit to take advantage of any opportunity to travel. Whether for business or pleasure, a long journey to a foreign land would be ideal for broadening your horizons, and making contact with individuals that might have important ramifications for your future. Since you tend to have a strong inclination for intellectual pursuits, your interest in subjects such as metaphysics or religious concepts should find a nice outlet through reading, or discussing with colleagues and friends. You prefer a wide range of view points, and find it easy to switch from one position to another. Your down-to-earth religious beliefs tend to be away from ritual and ceremony, and more toward what is basic and uncomplicated.


There may be few opportunities for long distance travel or visits to foreign countries. For one thing, you would want a companion, and in many cases the companion would be the spouse; this is ok, but often the spouse is the one that determines whether there is any traveling or not. On the other hand, the indication is that you have no burning desire to travel the world anyway, not that you wouldn't if conditions were right. You tend to have a philosophical outlook on life, and you have the knack for adjusting to many changing conditions with little disturbance toward your well balanced nature. Your religious inclinations tend to be with the religion you were raised with, although change is possible, especially if there is a marriage to someone with a different background.


You may find yourself traveling out of necessity, or to fulfill some mission that is required on your part. Travel may be necessary to attend last rites, or hear the reading of a will. Although air travel is popular for expediency, you would prefer to travel in comfort by ocean liner when possible. A vacation by cruise ship would be ideal. There are times you become deeply reflective about the condition of life, and what it is all about. You tend to be curious about other points of view, and may seek greater knowledge through books, or discussion groups. Your religious convictions are a fairly serious matter ingrained from childhood, and you will probably never encounter a need to change them.


There is strong indication that long distance travel, and journeys to foreign lands would lead to meaningful events or activities. You could benefit through business associations, or establishing personal contacts, especially with people in important positions or in high places. This includes possibly living abroad, or in a foreign land in the capacity of a representative, such as for a company or even the government. You tend to be very tolerant of other points of view, and feel a need to understand what other peoples and cultures are like in respect to your own. If you are actively involved in church work, then you could be drawn to travel in a leadership capacity, or in fulfilling some form of missionary work.


The emphasis on long distance travel is in carrying out the affairs of a business, or in meeting the obligations imposed by a business or in other related matters. The same can be said for affairs conducted in foreign lands, or with foreign governments, especially where publicity or prestige are involved. Long journeys taken for personal reasons, such as a vacation, are apt to be met with some delay, or scheduling problems. It is important that arrangements be made to secure personal comfort prior to departure. All forms of travel can be utilized; air, sea, rail, and road, although the most satisfying will be by that which carries one over the land. Religious matters may not take on great importance, and in some cases skepticism may predominate. Where religion is a major factor, then it is apt to be with the orthodox belief systems.


There is a good possibility of journeys to foreign lands that may come about in an unusual or unexpected manner. Your own personal hopes and wishes may be significant in where and how a long trip is planned and taken. You are sure to make lasting friendships with many people you come into contact with in other countries. The predominant type of travel will most likely be by air, although you could enjoy a long sea cruise with no problem. Your philosophical views often tend toward the avant-garde, although your altruism is a fine trait that usually centers around personal liberties, and justice for all. You are not usually bound by any particular religious affiliation, and in extreme situations can be enticed into joining the radical fringe.


This position is indicative of long journeys, and visits to foreign lands. The best form of transportation would be by ocean liner as there is an affinity for the open seas. The travel itinerary should be well planned as there is the possibility for unknown conditions to enter and require a change of schedule, or other unforseen circumstances that have to be dealt with. You tend to have deeply felt convictions about your religious idealogy, and may make some sacrifice when asked to do so. There is a tendency to be drawn to the mystical side of religion, or become involved with ceremonies or rituals. Your psychic senses are very acute, and reach a depth that often brings about a religious conversion, or a religious experience.

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