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Strong attractions and emotional impulses have a great deal to do with how you form attachments. You are naturally drawn to find a life long partner to share those cherished moments with. Shyness is not your strong point when it comes to the fulfillment of your hopes and desires, and going after what you really want is the natural thing to do. You are apt to seek an active and energetic mate, but there may be a tendency to dominate the relationship, which could cause some friction. The question of taking a partner needs careful consideration because of the possibly dynamic nature of the relationship. The more rigid and tightly bound an agreement might be, the more likely that problems could develop over the long haul.


You tend to take your relationships seriously, and prefer longer relationships over shorter ones. Although you have a strong desire for marriage, it is not something to be entered into lightly. Love and affection will tend to be important factors in your relationships. The indication is for an enduring marriage, and any breakup would be of a very serious nature, although financial problems could react on the happiness of both partners. In regard to general partnerships, the indication is for favorable associations. Mutual benefit can accrue by joining with others of like mind and temperament. The marriage partner would make an ideal business partner as well.


The indication is for happiness with someone of an intellectual nature, such as in publishing, teaching, and communications. Because of your changeable nature, the possibility of more than one marriage is increased. You would be wise to take more time than usual to make the final decision about a future spouse. The craving for variety is apt to have you making quick conclusions regarding marriage and partnerships, and this could produce restlessness on both sides of the relationship. Although occasional separations are possible because of travel, lines of communication will be maintained on a regular basis. A marriage and business partnership may put a strain on both, so careful consideration is important.


A desire for the comforts of home and family life will incline you to anticipate marriage with a sense of fulfillment and happy expectation. You are apt to seek a partner that has these same qualities regarding home and family, as success in this area is dependent on being with a person with the same hopes and wishes. Domestic responsibilities will undoubtedly be shared as will the consideration of family planning. Your emotional bond to home and marriage can be very powerful, and any problems that arise are apt to take a toll on your personal feelings and attitudes. Partnerships in general can be successful with mutual consideration on both sides. A family oriented business could be a successful endeavor.


You may begin looking to the idea of marriage at an early age in life, although serious thought on the matter will give caution to any sudden decision. Social standing and community reputation could influence your choice of a mate. You place some importance on marriage to someone within your own ethnic, cultural, and financial circumstances. Although the marital state is subject to the same up and down conditions as many other relationships, you tend to be proud of and loyal to your spouse. This is not to say that you can be treated unfairly or unkindly. As to partnerships in general, it would be prudent to use caution in taking on a partner; ambitious and overly zealous co-partners could create more problems than you would want to deal with.


Since you tend to be a discriminating individual in your relationships with other people, the same is true when it comes to the selection of a spouse. You take your commitments seriously, and work hard to make marriage a success. Avoid the tendency to nit-pick, or criticize your partner as this will create some tension in the marriage. There is a natural attraction to those you find intellectually stimulating, yet able to provide the necessary comforts of home. Business associations and partnerships will be beneficial as long as everyone tends to their respective interests and areas of expertise. You are apt to find that you can do it all, and in your own way, rather than depending on someone else to do their share.


You are naturally inclined to form bonds or partnerships, particularly when romantic interests are involved. Your appreciation for beauty and refinement will attract you to those of like temperament and aesthetic taste. The desire for perfection in a mate may lead to unfulfilled expectations that could bring marriage not able to stand the test of time. Nonetheless, you are apt to find happiness and contentment within the marriage state, since the union of opposites leads to the cycle of completeness. Favorable relationships can be formed with business partners, as they will be amiable and agreeable with decisions made in the interests of the enterprise.


You tend to form strong emotional bonds with those involved in relationships with you. The need for sexual expression and companionship will impel you toward the marital state, although many other factors should be considered before any final decision is made. There is a tendency for your mate or spouse to be inclined toward jealousy or possessiveness if you're not careful about how you control your feelings and actions around others. As for partnerships in general, a business partner involving the spouse could be very successful since hard work by both would accomplish much. A partnership with someone of the opposite sex could involve emotions crossing the line and complicating the business arrangement.


The indication is for a long and fortunate marriage to someone that is prosperous and respected. The problem is that there could be other marriages that are not successful due to the tendency to make hasty decisions. Marriage is possible to someone with a love for the outdoors, or an interest in sporting activities. There is a good likelihood of meeting the right person through travel, or in foreign lands. Relationships that are not nurtured or continually worked on have a possibility of drifting and eventually falling apart. General partnerships could bring a degree of success, and productive contacts maintained throughout the land as well as overseas. A marriage partner that is also a business partner is not usually considered favorable.


This position indicates that marriage will be approached with caution and prudence. You are apt to react less emotionally to the idea of a life long arrangement than to a reasoned and careful approach. In many cases there could be some delay or postponement before the actual event comes about, and it is possible for marriage to take place later in life, or to someone older. Considerable benefit can come through the marriage partner by opening channels into social situations, vocational possibilities, and business planning. General partnerships should prove valuable with hard working and practical people carrying much of the burden of everyday tasks.


Marriage can occur suddenly and unexpectedly. You may have a tendency to want to skip the formal ceremony, and head for the nearest Justice of the Peace. This is one area of life that you have little interest in conformity, or following the path that society expects you to take. You may prefer to live-in with someone prior to marriage, and there is an attraction to someone slightly eccentric or unusual. By the same token, divorce is always within the realm of possibility if things don't work out. You tend to prize your freedom and individuality, and this could interfere with a happy union if your spouse is very possessive. Other kinds of partnerships can be constructive and beneficial in most cases.


You have an idealized conception of what marriage should be, and this could have serious implications when the reality of the actual situation sets in. The emotional side of your nature is apt to dictate over better sense when deciding on a life long partner. Because you can be easily hurt, happiness will be with a mate that is sensitive, caring, and sentimental. Honesty is important in your relationships, and you should avoid anyone that would deceive or otherwise lead you to believe what is not true. Consider carefully before entering into any business partnership; potential partners may seem very charming and beguiling at first, but they may lack the drive and determination to get the job done.

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