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You are naturally enthusiastic and possess a strong and healthy body. If you try to accomplish more than you are physically able to do, your restless energy can bring fatigue and sore muscles. Your life force is strong, although there is an inclination for feverish ailments or injury to the head and face. You are a dynamic force in the work-place, and often impetuous and eager to get things done. Your mechanical abilities make you a good fixer-upper, and you are capable of performing highly skilled jobs either as an engineer or administrator. There is a tendency to seek jobs that present a challenge, or with an element of danger such as fire fighting. You would make a good rocket scientist or astronaut. Be cautious of on-the-job situations that might bring accidents.


You possess a strong constitution, and can endure physical demands of a rigorous nature when the necessity arises. Although your resistance is usually high, there is an inclination at times to over-indulge because of a hearty appetite and a desire for rich foods. You are not prone to illness, but there is a tendency to have an occasional sore throat or swollen tonsils. It is a good idea to wear a scarf or muffler to protect the neck during cold weather. You are popular with your co-workers, and enjoy a feeling of productivity and accomplishment. Comfortable surroundings make for a better attitude and outlook in performing your duties, although working long and hard is not unusual for you. You may find your social life overlapping with your occupation, and this could bring benefit in both areas.


You tend to be in a whirl of activity most of the time, and this often leads to a state of exhaustion if you don't take time to rest. Your over-all health and well-being is generally good, but you should avoid stressful situations as this can affect the nerves and mental state. Although you are not prone to accidents, or inclined to take risks, injuries could result to upper limbs especially the hands. The work-place tends to be a hub of activity, and you are likely to appreciate the mental and intellectual aspects of your duties rather than the physical demands. You would do well in a position involving travel of some regularity either of short duration--or occasionally longer trips. Whatever you do, boredom and dull routines may have you changing jobs or looking for more challenging work; mental stimulation and differing conditions suit you best. Avoid dusty environments and areas where chemical fumes would affect the health of your lungs.


Your sensitive and strong emotional nature bring you into contact with others that need love, understanding, and friendship. It is important that these associations do not drain you of your inner strength and energy. You can become overly concerned about the needs of others that, in the end, often affect your own health. Your over-all well-being is very dependent upon conditions in and around the home; comfort and a sense of security promote peace and contentment. You are susceptible to any discord around you, and this can bring problems with your stomach or bowels, and incline to gastric or intestinal trouble. Domestic issues should never intrude into the work-place, as this will result in loss of productivity. Working with people, such as social work, would be good, as your sensitivity is very keen, although when the day ends, you need to leave your work at the office.


Your robust and healthy nature keeps you physically active and in top form for that overall feeling of well-being. You tend to enjoy activities that are good for your health, such as exploring the great-out-doors, or being active at the local spa. When you do fall under the weather, it is likely to be of a feverish nature, or because you have exceeded your physical limits. Due to your tendency to enjoy being a leader, you find that competition is a great way to relieve stress and tension. People find you reliable and competent in the work environment, although working for yourself or having your own business would be beneficial and productive. Be aware that you like to be the boss, and this might bring some conflict among your co-workers. If you are the boss, it is important to avoid being over-bearing, or expecting too much from those working for you.


You tend to be active and generally healthy most of the time. Foods that lack nutrition, or fatty foods, incline you to intestinal complaints more often than you like. Your quick wit is one of your best qualities, but mental strain, or headaches can occur when you lack adequate rest. Your fastidious nature, and desire for cleanliness are the best defense against bugs and germs that knock others out with bouts of illness. The desire for tidiness also makes itself known at the work-place; you work best within a structured setting where clear-cut goals and reasonable expectations are defined in a systematic way. You enjoy working in an environment that emphasizes your mental rather than your physical talents, and you enjoy a personal challenge from time to time. You make a good partner in business with your concern for details.


Your sunny and happy disposition rarely finds you suffering any major health problems. When you do come `under the weather' your recuperative powers are strong, and you're back on your feet in no time. You do tend to become emotional at times, and this can have an affect on the physical body. Sleep is a good tonic for this type of malady, and napping can improve your spirits dramatically. Try to avoid any kind of discord, whether around you or even at a distance, as this will have an effect on your emotions, and this is not good for you. Your on-the-job attitude is generally upbeat and happy, and you have many friends that like your easy going manner. You would do well in a partnership whether in business or any other enterprise. You have a unique ability to share and take responsibility at the same time. Your partner will appreciate your efforts and abilities.


Your strength and endurance keep you healthy and in good shape most of the time. You have an inner fortitude that can stave off the affects of pain, or any condition that would be detrimental to your well-being. There is a tendency to be excessive, or over-do a good thing as with food or drink. It is best to lean toward the conservative side of self-satisfaction when the temptation arises. Since you usually enjoy close contact with friends and lovers, you should avoid areas of known contagious infections, and stay away from those with obvious symptoms of illness. You can be a very dedicated worker, and strive to do the best job possible. Long, hard hours best suits you as a self-employed person, and you expect your employees or partners to give the same. You admire those that go the 'extra mile' or are considered the Great Accomplishers.


You can accomplish much, and work with great energy and vitality, although over-doing or tiring should be avoided when possible. Health is usually not an issue, and you can be lucky in avoiding what is `going around' when everyone else is `coming down with it.' When you do get sick, your patience is strained, and you don't like coping with the frustration of a slow recovery. There is a tendency to injure yourself playing contact sports, or engaging in equestrian activities such as jumping or racing. Your better judgement will keep you aware of potential dangers. Fortunate circumstances often center around the work place. When self- employed, the best routine is to stay busy and get things done. Working for someone else is no problem as long as the demands on your ability and capacity to produce is not exceeded.


There is a tendency to be weak in health during the early years, but strength and vitality will take grip as you pass into later life. You are not likely to let your overall well being slip into carelessness or neglect. Taking a responsible approach to staying well is easy for you, and the natural course of treatment, such as herbs and exercise, is preferred over pills, drugs and fad cures. Your resistance will increase over the years, but you are still apt to come down with an occasional cold and chills. Hard work is nothing new to you, and you can put in long hours with little complaint. A highly organized and structured setting is greatly appreciated, as everyone knows their duties and obligations in accomplishing set goals. Self-employment is a highly sought position in life, as you like being in control. You would do well in all areas that have to do with the earth; such as real estate or land development.


The general tendency in the area of health is likely to be a robust and physically strong constitution. You may be subject more to accidents than sickness or disease; care should be taken around electrical devices, or conduits that might cause shock. The legs and ankles should be protected from any injury when engaged in sporting events. Nerves are often affected by worry, which can then bring stomach problems; stay calm and cool in unexpected situations. It is best to work in an area that is of high interest, or where personal achievement is a dominant factor. You are not likely to stay in any job that becomes routine or dull; a congenial atmosphere is important to you. Doing work with highly technical inventions or systems, such as computers, would be an area where success is very likely. Your employment history has a tendency to be erratic or unpredictable, especially if satisfying work is not found.


Care should be taken in regards to the health; avoid overwork, or any activity that is exhaustive. It is best to take preventive measures when an infectious illness is sweeping through the population at large. You may be susceptible to the ill effects of alcohol and/or drugs when taken in excess; moderation is really the key to a healthy and happy life. Maintaining a clean environment, and seeing that foods are not contaminated is important in avoiding conditions that would affect the health. General check-ups on a regular basis will insure that nothing can become a threat to your well-being. In the area of work, it is better to avoid gossip or complaining, especially about surrounding conditions, as the wrong impression is often created. You would do well in many diverse areas of employment, from chemical companies to the theater, or from cosmetology to the fishing industry.

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