Empty Houses Fifth House


The indication is for an active social life and an aggressive pursuit of the good things of life. You might be drawn to rough and tumble games, or have a very competitive nature when challenged by comrades or family members. Your interest in the opposite sex is strong, and you are easily moved to the chase when romance is in the air. Your robust constitution and strong physical attraction will draw many people to you for love and friendship. You are apt to speculate and take risks where investments are concerned, although iron, steel, and building projects would secure a safe financial foundation for you. Being a parent will see the possibility of raising more boys than girls, and they will respect your strength and leadership.


Your optimism and good nature will make you a favorite for any party or social occasion. You have a natural feel for art, and a flair for creativity that will bring recognition from associates and others of like abilities. Your popularity with children is a great blessing for them as well as yourself; they find you gentle and understanding, yet on a level that is comfortable for both young and old. There is a tendency to be lucky when you speculate where money is concerned, and you could do well investing in practical and down-to-earth projects. You are a romantic at times, and enjoy being in love; courtship is a wonderful time, and will be an aspect of your life even in marriage.


You tend to take an intellectual approach to the affairs of the heart. Courtship is a time of discovery in getting to know the other person; communication is important in establishing the bonds of intimacy. Your social life tends to be a whirl, and you like to 'get-around' where the action is happening. Others like to congregate around you because of your easy going and light hearted nature; you are not usually bound by strong emotional needs, and have the ability to think things through in a clear and logical way. The indication is for a small family, or no children at all, although many factors are at work in this area. You are not inclined to take risks where investments are concerned, and you could do well with stocks and bonds, newspapers, and all aspects of computers including networking and software.


Your strong emotional nature makes you very sensitive and aware of the feelings of those around you. You tend to take love seriously, and you can be easily hurt by insensitive people. While you enjoy the social scene, you are apt to keep your distance since you are seldom interested in casual affairs. Your family interests can become your major interest whether with parents, or spouse and children. There is a tendency toward a large family, although many factors are at work here. You can be very creative around the home, and enjoy making it cheerful and comfortable; sharing is an important part of your life. While you are not prone to take risks where investments are concerned, you could be attracted to real-estate, agriculture or farming, and businesses around or on lakes and rivers


You enjoy a wide and varied social sphere, and often become the life of the party. Your proud and loyal nature is attractive to the opposite sex, although flirting often brings the desired attention. You often assume a dominant role in courtship, and can be very persistent in pursuing the object of your desires. There is a natural love for children, and you enjoy making them a part of your life. The indication is for a limited family, possibly only one child, but many factors determine the actual outcome. Your natural creativity can be developed with training, and this could bring results in a commercial capacity. There is an inclination to speculate, and you could do well with gold, or other precious metals.


There is an inclination to be somewhat analytical about how you approach others, and to apply your own values as to how a relationship should develop. While you have a wide range of friends, you're not inclined to follow the party crowd. You can have a good time without letting go, and proper conduct is expected from everyone. Courtship is something you probably have a preconceived idea about, and you desire an orderly, sequence of events to unravel in their due time. There may be few children from marriage, but many factors will determine the exact number. Although you may not be artistically inclined, you possess a shrewd eye for form and design. Your opinion is of great value to those who appreciate your fine tastes. You are more inclined to invest rather than speculate, and investments in food, catering, or in the health fields would benefit most.


You are naturally drawn to a great variety of people, and enjoy their associations. Your social sphere is always full of friends, and there is a strong tendency to form attachments. These associations could develop into marriage, partnerships, agreements, or any liaison that requires a commitment. Your popularity always makes you a hit at parties or small get-togethers, and there is great attraction for your favors and friendship. You tend to be artistically inclined, and have a good sense of color and arrangement; everything from flowers to interior design are within your range of talents. Your inner desire for children should give a normal family size, and they will be a blessing. You occasionally speculate because of your good luck, but investment in luxury items such as furs and jewels would be beneficial, also the entertainment field could be lucrative.


You enjoy your social life and relationships immensely, and take them very seriously. There is a tendency to fall in love with those you are attracted to physically, and your emotional nature is easily stirred to action. The desire for a family and children can take a powerful turn toward seeking the right mate, and marriage will benefit your life with a good partner and an abundance of offspring. The tendency to be possessive of a lover or spouse could create tension in a serious relationship. The intensity of emotion and feeling is a good quality of those drawn to participate in theater or acting activities; your flair for melodrama could be developed to good use in theatrical or film productions. You could be moderately successful investing in these areas too, and in other things such as vineyards, chemicals, or pharmaceutical companies.


Your happy-go-luck attitude makes you popular with friends and family, and you enjoy the spotlight at parties and social occasions. There is a tendency to be over-confident where love is concerned, but your generosity and good-nature make up for any lack of sincerity or commitment. You favor getting to know a variety of lovers or companions from many backgrounds or long distances, and enjoy sporting events and competitions. The indication is for a moderate size family with healthy children of a robust nature, and you would be a good companion for them. You have a tendency to speculate, and may be drawn to buy lottery tickets or invest in a good race horse. Your natural inclination to be lucky often pays off, and you could become quite successful if you don't splurge or take too many risks.


You are a faithful and true friend to those in your social circle. Your dependability and practical outlook insure stable relationships with lovers and companions, and romantic attachments have a tendency to develop and endure with time and patience. You tend to hold your emotions in check, which often appears to others as coldness or unresponsiveness. Once people get to know you better, they find a person of great depth and feeling. Your desire for children is strong, and their accomplishments bring a source of pride as they tend to be successful in later life. The stable nature of inter-family relationships indicates a larger than ordinary family size. Although you may not have outstanding artistic talents, your appreciation and support of the arts is sought by many working in that area. You could be successful investing in real-estate, mines, or government stocks.


You have many friends and acquaintances in your social sphere, and many will have scientific backgrounds or be associated with progressive movements. While your individuality remains a distinct characteristic, and you have no problem entertaining yourself, companionship still provides a source of comfort and happiness. Your idealistic but unconventional outlook toward love and romance often brings attractions to unusual yet interesting people. You are seldom concerned about what society says is proper, and your own values take precedence. There is likely to be a preference for a small to moderate size family, although planning for such things is not one of your strong points. Your love of children is genuine and you tend to treat them as equals. You have a flair for artistic activities, and music is highly favored. The piano could be an instrument of choice.


You tend to be a romantic at heart, and falling in love is often a little too easy. Your emotions run very deep and can get away from your better sense. You enjoy intimate associations rather than group activities, and are popular with sensitive and aware individuals. Trust in your intuition as it reaches to great depths; others cannot easily fool you, especially where matters of the heart are concerned. The indication is for a large family with many children, of course other things have to be considered. You could be associated with the theater in a more than casual way. Acting or performing certain roles on stage would come naturally to you, and talent as a dancer could be developed. Movies and television would be good areas for your abilities to be recognized whether acting or writing screen plays. Investment in the performing arts, or stage and screen would bring benefit with care and planning.

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