Empty Houses Fourth House


Your home will be the center of much activity. Family fun may center around games of skill and daring. Conflicts could be common among younger members of the household. You may find yourself in charge of managing family activity, and assigning duties as needed. Avoid a tendency to be the "boss" and to "rule the roost." As a child you may have felt restricted or constrained by the authority figure of the house, especially the father. There is a tendency to be accident prone in and around your immediate environment. Guns should be unloaded, and smoke alarms placed in appropriate locations. The indication is for a long and active life, although the end may be sudden.


You enjoy the comforts of your home, and it is often the social center for relatives and friends. You take special pride in seeing that your life is full of beauty, and tend to surround yourself with flowers and objects of art. Members of the family may fill the house with music, or play various instruments, especially the piano. Your early growing years may have been happy and filled with love by those around you. It is important for your health and well-being that there is peace and harmony within the home, and that your creative projects have a place for open and free expression. The indication is for a long and happy life, and the end is apt to be peaceful.


You and your family will stay in close contact through open conversation and written communication. The telephone is apt to be in constant use. Whether you live alone or with a large family, radio and television may hold a great deal of your attention with news programs, documentaries, and talk shows. You may find the location of your home changing with some regularity due to a desire to travel and see new things, and experience new places. You might find great enjoyment traveling about in a motor home, or having a house trailer to pull where you want to stay. You find it easy to talk to close relatives, and settle household matters before problems arise. The indication is for an active and productive life


The home is a very special place for you. It is a haven in any storm, and a place of security when the going gets tough. You have a strong emotional attachment to your home, and a need to protect your family from all that would upset the balance. You probably developed a strong attachment to parents and home during childhood, and there will be a desire to return from time to time for comfort and rest. Although there may be some changes of residence, the desire is for a permanent home, especially when the family begins to grow. The choice of a marriage partner will be very important for establishing a stable and happy family life. You should both share the same attitudes and feelings for home and children. The indication is for a long life, and the end will come peacefully with close family about.


You take great pride in your home and tend to make it a showcase for your work and talent. You prefer a permanent abode with a place to grow. You usually expect a great deal of your family, and enjoy their success at work and school. Your home tends to be full of light and life, and a center for health and fitness. You often take the lead in planning future family activities, and enjoy developing home improvement projects. Once a new project is started you are determined to see it finished. You have a natural store of energy and family members may have trouble keeping up with your zest for work and fun. The indication is for a long and active life right to the end.


The home may be a center of intellectual stimulation, or a place to work if you are a writer or poet. With the advent of computer networks, the home would make an excellent work-place rather than treking to an office everyday. Your residence may not be at the same place for very long, and the family move, for job or greater opportunity, to other places. You could find yourself seeking your own home at an early age, probably before marriage. Your relationship to your parents will be amiable enough, but you will be off to seek your own fortune early on. You may find the company of pets to be a comfort in the home environment, and poor animals in distress brought home for care. The indication is for an active life up to the very end.


The early years in the home environment indicate happiness, comfort, and loving care. There is usually an air of temperance and balance among family members, with close ties to one another. When you set up your own home, it will reflect your taste in art and interior design. You enjoy having nice things around you for your ease and sense of beauty. The home might become a center for family gatherings, and social entertaining. While you may change your residence from time to time, it is more likely to occur for personal reasons, and freedom of choice, than from necessity. Social and public affairs may be prominent in family life, and partnerships established with parents; certainly your spouse will share in your interests. The end of life is shown to be comfortable and secure.


There will likely be a great deal of emotional attachment to the home, and although love and caring abound for the most part, there is apt to be changing conditions within the family. Someone you care a great deal about could relocate, or leave under some form of confusion. The home may come through an inheritance, or the result of a legacy. If you grew up in an old, creaky, weathered house, it could have seemed just a little haunted. Or if you live in a modern airy apartment or home, it might seem rather austere at times, or remind you of a place from the dim past. After marriage the home could become highly charged with emotion. Jealousy and possessiveness could mar domestic harmony, and strain the relationship. Death of loved ones will be especially hard as you are usually very close to them. You may view your own death as an enigmatic mystery.


Your early life may have been full of games, toys, and lots of things to play with. You could have even been a little spoiled. Fortunate circumstances usually surround the home environment, although a number of residential changes are indicated throughout life. Your home may become the center for social and business parties with games and contests being the favorites. You will have a tendency to want to close the house down for a time while you travel the world. You would enjoy living in a foreign land for a time. Philosophy and religion will enter your mind during those quiet moments alone when the household has settled down. You will be very active until the end of life, and then you will leave it well situated.


You are apt to feel very possessive of your home in that it is your castle; your bastian of security and comfort. You like it the way it is, and don't take to someone moving things around. Others might feel that you live in rather austere surroundings, or that there is something impersonal about it. You have a sense of permanence about where you live, and don't like the idea of moving from place to place. Your parents may have been protective and loving, although the indication is that there was little show of emotion, or that your upbringing was more business than pleasure. You will probably live well into your old age, and defy the angel of death for quite some time


You feel comfortable wherever your home happens to be. Whether Greenwich village, or a castle in Scotland, the odd and unusual appeal to you. There is a tendency to share your abode with a lover or friend, and not worry about what the neighbors think. You have a flair for decorating in ultra modern, or whatever eccentric style is in vogue. You are apt to change your dwelling place periodically, and with little notice. Your parents may have given you quite a bit of personal freedom, or you could have demanded more than they wanted to give. Your later years will have you involved with younger members of the family, or grand-children with whom you enjoy a good relationship.


You prefer your home to be secluded and private, and away from the prying eyes of neighbors and passersby. You often feel an emotional attachment to your surroundings, and sentimental connections to the things you value. Your home is a refuge and place for rest and meditation. You form strong bonds to your family, and would create a place of love and protection for your spouse and children. You were probably raised in a large family with lots of brothers and sisters, and a likely good relationship with your mother. The closing years of life are apt to be peaceful and among companions. You will have made peace with your maker, and anticipate the passing with a mystical longing.

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