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You have a strong inclination to build things, or design them, and your studies may lead you to engineering or architectural degrees. Your quick mind often brings visualization of a project, although patience is needed to see it brought to reality. You may be inclined to travel in regard to business, particularly by car. The desire to seek out new places, or investigate old ones, ought to make travel enjoyable, especially when combined with business trips. Relationships with relatives and neighbors can become strained at times, and produce some form of friction. This is often the result of poor communications, or none at all; keep everyone informed, particularly when their interests are involved. Your correspondence may be somewhat irregular at times, especially with routine contacts. Emergencies tend to bring your immediate response.


Your powers of concentration are very strong, and you can work ideas out with a good depth of understanding, although quick thinking is not usually a strong quality. Studies having to do with finances may interest you, and in some cases mathematics. There is a natural interest in artistic pursuits which could lead to degrees in music, painting, sculpture, or ceramics. You may find short distance travel agreeable when taken for recreation, or in taking a planned vacation; otherwise you are likely to have a greater inclination to stay put and operate from where you are. Your friendly nature makes you popular with relatives and neighbors, and this can be an enjoyable aspect of your life. Keeping in touch with friends and family through correspondence is apt to be handled in a timely fashion, and promote good relations all around


You possess a quick and versatile mind, and naturally pursue a variety of subjects and interests. Your capacity for study and learning is quite large, and you tend to enjoy the school environment, particularly at the higher levels of education such as a university. You should try to avoid taking on too much at any one time, as this could tax your efforts to accomplish what is at hand. Being on the go will bring enjoyable travels to many various places, particularly in short to medium range trips. All forms of transportation are indicated, although trips by air would undoubtedly be preferred when distance is a factor. You tend to have a large number of relatives, and in most cases these relationships will be good; this also applies to your neighbors. Your correspondence is usually kept up to date.


There is an indication that you could be drawn to study in areas that your imagination might be put to good use. Writing plays or novels in which you could spin tales would undoubtedly be pleasing to you. Along more mundane lines, you would be inclined to learn or study in those areas that are the most interesting to you, and even this is subject to a degree of changeability. You tend to enjoy traveling whether for business or pleasure, and short or medium trips are most likely, although you would grab any opportunity to visit faraway places. See that you make arrangements for your comfort, as you are not usually interested in "roughing it," unless for special occasions. Home and neighborhood have an important place in your life, and harmony and peace with family and friends is always considered. You should handle your own correspondence as it tends to be personal and private.


You have a great respect for education, and will apply yourself to furthering your own knowledge. Your particular interests will determine in which direction study will be taken, although art and the educational field itself may hold promise. You could be drawn to the theater as a writer, producer or actor in playing out the drama that takes place on the stage. You would find satisfaction in teaching young people, or children, since you tend to have an affinity for them. Travel holds an interest for you, although circumstances are more likely to decide when and where you go. Road travel to picturesque and scenic places has greater appeal than to low flat places. You can expect amiable relations with relatives and neighbors, although contacts may lack any set order or pattern. Your personal correspondence is not apt to be prolific, but enough to inform those most concerned.


When it comes to education, you are likely to make the most of your analytical mind with subjects such as math and science. You tend to be a critical thinker, and enjoy seeking out other like minds for lively discussions. Your many interests might include research, medicine, chemistry, and industries dealing with food and hygiene. Travel could play a part of your life in business and pleasure, although you are likely to be irritated over delays, schedule changes, and other disruptions associated with transportation systems. You tend to keep your lines of communication open with relatives and friends, and the relations with neighbors is usually amiable. Avoid an inclination to open your mouth when you feel like criticizing, or have an urge to find fault, as this will only agitate your relatives and neighbors. Your personal correspondence is often done as with other responsibilities


You tend to enjoy the learning experience, and feel comfortable on campus or in the university environment. Teaching would be agreeable to you, as you have a way of inspiring enthusiasm for the subject under study. There is an inclination to take up artistic pursuits as a way of self-expression, or to make social statements. You would prefer to travel for pleasure rather than business, although trips in association with business partners could be beneficial. Your transportation preference usually tends toward air travel, although the comfort of rail might have a strong appeal. Companionship will determine in many cases whether you travel or not, as you prefer not to be alone. Relationships with family, relatives, and neighbors are expected to be friendly and helpful, although correspondence may fall behind at times.


Whether or not you take your educational pursuits seriously will be determined to a great extent on how serious and dedicated you are to accomplishing these ends. A lack of interest in any given area will not keep you on your toes, and you will quickly find something else to use your time for. You could be drawn to study in the areas of medicine, or surgery, or marine biology and other related subjects having to do with experiment and research. You may not be inclined to travel a great deal, particularly for short or medium distances, although crossing the oceans might appeal to you very much. Many of your relatives will hold a special place in your life, and many others will not. Your relations with them is likely to be better with members of the opposite sex than with your own. Correspondence is apt to be handled with great efficiency, and in some cases with great neglect, depending on the circumstances.


You have a broad depth of understanding that inclines you to study Ideas, such as religion, philosophy, and other subjects related to what might be called the 'higher mind'. Your natural charisma attracts others to you for advice and recommendations, and you would do well studying psychology or psychiatry as you have a way of helping others through counseling or social services. You usually enjoy and probably benefit through travel, especially long journeys to foreign lands. This would include trips for business or pleasure. All means of transportation will suit your fancy, although road travel will allow you to experience an appreciation for the natural beauty of the landscape. There is a tendency toward having many relatives, and deriving pleasure in their company. Your handling of correspondence may be haphazard at times, although you do get to it eventually.


You take your studies seriously, and have the patience to complete the work necessary to accomplish your objectives. Your power of concentration and persistence will increase your chance of success in areas to do with business, real estate, and land development. The chance of travel will probably be determined more by necessity or obligation than by a desire to go on vacation or take off for a holiday. You might prefer road or rail travel over shipboard or air flights since you are apt to enjoy seeing where you've been and where you're going rather than just arriving at your destination. Relationships with relatives and neighbors will most likely be cordial, and in some cases rather formal, although contacts will be maintained over time. Correspondence may need to be brought up to date on a somewhat regular basis.


There are any number of subjects that you would be inclined to take up for study. Your active and inquiring mind may be drawn to such fields as electronics, aviation, nuclear applications, and research projects. You have latent potential for the arts that might lead you to study on a more formal basis in areas as sculpture, painting, prose, and music. Your intuitive faculties have the depth to learn about the esoteric aspects of reality including astrology and tarot. Your relationships with relatives and neighbors are usually on good footing, and you tend to enjoy their companionship. Many of your hopes and wishes could come about through connections established by your family and friends. Extensive travel is more likely than not, providing that the appropriate conditions and circumstances prevail, whether for business or pleasure. You tend to handle your correspondence in a friendly and timely fashion.


Your keen imagination is likely to bring many areas of study to your attention. While many students require the structure of a school or university, you can accomplish a great deal on your own without any formal setting or schedule. You tend to enjoy the quiet and solitude of your own privacy rather than the hustle and bustle of public institutions when it comes to getting your work done. Creative pursuits interest you, particularly in the writing of plays, novels, and mystery stories, should you decide to explore this possibility. Your relationships with relatives are generally amiable, although there may be an occasional skeleton in the family closet that pops out when not expected. Travel can be undertaken for various reasons, and a trip across the ocean might prove very enjoyable. Your correspondence tends to be important, and you can be expected to keep most of it up to date.

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