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There is a strong tendency to be active and even aggressive in achieving your financial security, although expenditures may at times keep pace with your personal income. You have an inclination for impulse buying, or going on sudden sprees, that needs to be controlled, especially if it upsets budget planning. Hard work is usually not a problem when you expect a good return on your efforts, and you like to be sure the job gets done as fast as possible. You could build a good financial base through various industries with an emphasis on construction, or working with mechanical principles or devices, such as architectural drafting or machinery of one form or another. Occupations that would favor a nice salary might include police, military, fire-fighting, munitions manufacture, and even associations with the woolen industry.


You have a natural flair for working with your money and managing your financial affairs. There is a bit of practicality about investments and savings plans that should bring a degree of benefit over the long haul. You can be obstinate when it comes to taking financial advice, which could save you from suffering losses in some cases. On the other hand, it might put the brakes on future successes. In most situations you can trust in your instincts when considering financial strategies. If you were to become knowledgeable about the inside workings of such institutions as banks, and brokerage houses, etc., you would be in a good situation to let your money make you money. Other areas with potential earning power would be in the artistic fields such as sculpture, painting, music, and entertainment.


Your financial affairs may occasionally be subject to some form of change because of your tendency to move from one thing to another before allowing conditions to settle out. In other cases your interests may overlap, and you become too spread out rather than consolidating. There is apt to be some variety in how you approach your means of obtaining an income, and this might be in switching jobs, or moving money from one investment to another. You have a knack for thinking up ideas on how to increase your financial base; many of them will not work out, but others should be successful. Your income may come from several different areas of general interest such as giving instruction, writing, transportation, or the travel industry. It would be a good idea to avoid getting involved financially with relatives or neighbors.


The indication regarding your financial affairs shows that they could be bound to obligations regarding the family, or that relatives might have an influence over how money is handled or controlled. You can be very imaginative in ways that will attract money to you, and in maintaining a tenacious grip in preventing it from flowing away for unimportant reasons. Although you tend to be conservative about finances, your sensitive nature may allow for contributions to charity, or for the welfare of others. You may also be prone to spend for things that make you comfortable, or bring pleasure, or enhance your safety or security. Investments in agriculture, property, insurance, and commodities based on liquids such as water-rights or drilling, and soft drinks would be beneficial to your financial base.


Your financial status tends to be a fairly important aspect of your life, and you put much energy and effort into achieving your expectations. You often find support from people in high places that have an interest in helping see you succeed. You are inclined to be drawn to a business or occupation with high visibility, or that puts you in the eye of the public. This can indicate political involvement that can span a wide spectrum of activity in government, industry, or the social sphere. Your organizational skills help in managing people and situations that are associated with the financial side of life, and this in turn brings social recognition through entertaining, or community involvement. Use caution when investing as you tend to speculate on risky ventures that might be successful, but often go bust.


You tend to handle your monetary concerns with great care and prudence, and there is little likelihood of not being fully aware of your financial status at any given time. Your inclination to be thrifty in financial dealings indicates that it is easy to keep a budget, and thus less chance of indiscriminate buying that might result in lost savings or inability to pay the bills. Attention to details will keep investments in line, although the tendency to overlap other various interests could result in less important affairs to 'slip through the cracks'. Along with your sense of discrimination is a tendency to be critical, and care should be taken to avoid disputes with family, friends, co-workers, and others sharing in financial relationships.


The conditions that surround your financial situation in life are likely to fall on favorable influences that enable you to attain an element of success in realizing your expectations. But there is a strong likelihood you would be very unhappy in a position where the bulk of your income came in ways that were not fitted for you, or you had little aptitude for. Thus you would be happy earning income through creative pursuits such as writing, painting, sculpture, architectural and interior design, or through investments that provided a regular income. There might be an element of success should you enter into agreements with partners or others for mutual benefit in business arrangements. Care is needed to choose wisely, or losses could occur; a marriage partner would be ideal in a business relationship.


You possess a positive outlook about your financial status, and have the capacity to work hard to achieve your ambitions. Your determination will generally prevail over any obstacles whether natural or man-made, and the expectation is that you will ultimately secure financial independence and domestic comfort. Although you are not prone to extravagance, there is a tendency to spend in order to expand your financial base through improvements in equipment, or extending your sphere of influence. This might result in temporary losses or setbacks should you not re-coup in time for this to happen. You can usually depend on your shrewd judgement when it comes to investing in commodities based on growth and expansion, or in regional utilities with potential for future development.


This position tends to suggest that there is an element of luck or fortune accompanying your handling of money and other related financial activities. While this is good, it tends to have you take risks in the hope of increasing your bank account, and the result is often a financial setback. You may have a tendency to want to play with money, or in some sense turn it into a game in which you can experience the rise and fall of your fortunes, probably with some amusement involved. You are inclined to do well with certain enterprises, and these would be in areas dealing with overseas affairs, foreign investments, the travel industry, publishing, and the teaching field, particularly higher education. Avoid spreading money around in public, or giving too generously without investigating the merits of the cause.


Your financial dealings tend to be on a practical level, and you prefer using caution before investing capital in projects that have not been fully investigated. You are moderately successful at staying with a savings plan, as this is an indication of a state of security and well-being, or the foundation for building a better future. You could expect some success with investments in real estate, property, mines, land development, or gems and precious metals. Your organizational skills and sense of responsibility will aid in bringing together business and financial undertakings for purposes of exploitation and profit. This in turn could bring you into the public and/or political spotlight, and hence into community or even national service.


You can probably expect your financial affairs to follow a rather odd and somewhat unusual course, as your means of obtaining an income can tend toward the unconventional, or even erratic. This does not mean you will not be successful in your endeavors, since many of your hopes and wishes center on this becoming a reality. You have a knack of forming friendships with people that have a direct bearing on your financial undertakings; important connections can be made through close acquaintances that happen to know the right people. Successful investments are indicated in fields having to do with electronics, aviation, inventions, scientific research and development, and the computer industry. It would be best to avoid using other people's money, as it could lead to complications and misunderstandings.


Matters dealing with the financial side of your life can bring opportunities from a variety of sources, and many of these sources could spring from unknown origins. The success or failure of your financial endeavors would hinge mainly on your own ability to recognize the inherent risks associated with these endeavors. One such risk might occur in not being able to obtain full disclosure about an impending transaction, or not being made aware of all the ramifications once a deal is closed. There could be hidden conditions that if known might cause you to change your mind. It need not be all this mysterious if you avoid rushing into situations before fully checking them out. You are inclined to possess a natural psychic sense that gives you the ability to see through any deception or false front.

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