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Where the possibility of resentment is possible in life, it could come about through competition. Whether in sports, business, or social affairs, someone on the losing end is not apt to take too kindly to your attitude; thus it would be best to avoid showiness, or pretentiousness. Where restrictions might come into effect the indication is incarceration, such as a prisoner of war, internment over political activities, or civil disobedience. Enmity, should it arise, might occur because of new ideas challenging the old order, and your participation in overthrowing that order, which could be by aggressive means. Avoid incurring anyone's hostility over anything you might do, or have done, in that injury or harm might be the result.


Where feelings of enmity or resentment might occur in the life, it would be best to avoid legal entanglements, as this is one way someone not happy with you could take action. Should you experience financial success, there is apt to be someone that is annoyed by this situation, and attempt to undermine your position. Even in the area of romance, where affection is involved, an element of jealousy could arise. Should a clandestine affair draw you into a perplexing predicament, it could spill over into a difficult situation where anger flares, and retribution become something you have to deal with. Along other lines, there is an inclination to seek seclusion or solitude. If you become religiously inspired, you could seek a monastic order, or feel compelled to make sacrifices for your beliefs.


Should conditions arise involving resentments or feelings of enmity, it would likely pertain to things said, possibly to or by relatives or neighbors. Although it might not cause an immediate reaction, sometime later, whatever the talk was about, could surface and create ill feelings. Always use discrimination in written notes and documents to avoid the possibility that someone else might come into possession of them, and then have you at a disadvantage. Contracts should be read and understood, especially the fine print; occasions could arise leading to a dispute over the intention of the words used, and leave you with little solid legal footing. Let idle talk go by, and avoid reacting to undue criticisms and innuendo, as it is your advantage to ignore it.


Where the possibility exists that resentment or enmity could occur in the life would, in many cases, center within the family, or deal with near or far relatives in which there has been some friction or grievance. Along these same lines the conditions within the home is also subject to the same tendencies, and family relations can be strained resulting in ill will because of misunderstandings or conflicts of interest. This is not a common occurrence in reference to the above, but when emotional upsets do take place, the result can bring some form of enmity, and therefore, unhappiness. One point of conflict that could create problems is over the settling of a will; it would be wise for everyone concerned to be aware of how the will is to be executed, and avoid surprises over how things will be done.


In the event there should be reasons for resentments to arise in the life, it is likely to focus in the public, social, or political arenas. If you decide to challenge an opponent, say for political office, the outcome could lead to bitterness, such as with the result of "mud throwing" etc. In the social context, someone spreading false rumors behind your back would have the affect of creating enmity or bad feelings. Your public image should be guarded from any hint of scandal, or questionable ethics. In regards to affairs of the heart, love affairs might have a hidden factor that puts you in a false light, and compromises your otherwise honorable intentions. Since you possess a certain natural talent in the artistic field, you may find others that resent your abilities, therefore strive to do your best, but let others do the crowing.


Because you tend to be a highly discriminating individual, it is not too likely that you would be in a position for feelings of resentment or enmity to become much of a possibility in your life. Although there may be times when unknown or hidden activities are working without your knowledge, your sense of awareness should guide you away from potentially damaging results to your character. Your greatest unknown enemy may, in many cases, be yourself. Avoid criticism of others; this may strike sensitive feelings in others that turn their good nature against you. Be particularly careful in what you write, or communicate, as anything negative or unflattering about co-workers or friends might be considered libellous, and bring a response that could go as far as legal action.


You tend to be fortunate in regards to what anyone might do or say behind your back. Your sense of fairness and balance works for you in maintaining your straightforward approach to how you live life. Nonetheless, should a marriage fall on troubled waters, it would be wise to guard against repercussions, and maintain your integrity through it all. In the event a partnership is on the verge of failing, the possibility of creating enemies is increased. Should they fail to listen to reason, it would be best to protect yourself and/or the business from being undermined from within and without. In the case of a business, it would be wise to draw up provisions in the beginning to insure there is no chance of misunderstandings later on. Think carefully about the marriage partner becoming a business partner.


Occasions may arise in life when unseen influences operate in the background, or forming associations with various people bringing conditions you are not aware of, and this then opens the possibility of falling victim to what you know not. Such a situation could occur by starting a sexual relationship with someone that is married, and they don't tell you. Although you are perfectly innocent, you are still in a potentially dangerous situation. Another possibility might occur with a spouse that is jealous or possessive because they seem convinced something is going on behind their back, even though nothing is. By the same token, avoid making accusations or insinuations about your spouse, unless of course, you have certainty. This is a murky area in life, and it will not be easy to see through to what is really going on. Trust in your inner senses, as these tend to be highly developed and active in this area.


You can expect to have few problems when it comes to dealing with other people's enmity or resentment. Your natural good nature seldom makes enemies, nor do you put yourself in a position to compromise your integrity. When those rare occasions do happen it could be because of a sudden flash of good fortune that for whatever reason becomes resentment with some people. There is an indication that you possess a knack for being lucky, and this can come about in mysterious circumstances. In the event there is some loss experienced, it could be through a lawsuit that results in financial expenses. In other rare possibilities, you might find yourself defending your religious beliefs, or being ostracized for them, although this would be more likely living in a foreign land or culture.


Your solid grasp of the realities of life will protect you to some extent when other people attempt to work behind your back to undermine your position or authority. You can be patient and understanding in most cases, and this will nullify chances that resentment or enmity would become a problem. When it does become a problem it is likely to be in the area of work or business, and then because of competition or a desire to advance your career. Although you tend to be tactful and proper, there can develop a sense in other people that you exhibit a certain lack of sensitivity, and this could lead to the conclusion that you are cold and heartless. Of course this is only in the minds of those that think your desire to "get ahead" is breaking the rules, and there may not be any rules to begin with.


This position is somewhat contrary in nature, and one should be aware of changing circumstances regarding the actions of other people. Although you tend to have many friends from diverse backgrounds, it is possible that certain of these friends could turn, for whatever reason, and oppose you, or take a stand against your ideals, position, or status in life. In peculiar instances, the opposite could occur; that is, a person once an enemy, could come back to you as a friend. You can usually assume that the unpredictable is more than a possibility when considering the resentment or enmity that people might come to feel about you. On the other hand, you tend to react strongly against any restrictions or limitations imposed upon you since your freedom is very important, and this can bring a reaction from those that would like to see you settled into conformity.


There is a factor of intrigue or deception surrounding those people that would bring resentments, or work against you in the shadows. Friendly overtures or gestures may mean something else, and you should have enough psychic awareness to see beyond their mostly empty intent. Take a harder look at what seems like a good deal, as you could be set up for a scam. You might lose your money, and a little of your self-esteem. Avoid being drawn into anything unlawful, or that has to do with illegal drugs; you don't want to end up being the scapegoat, and pay the price. Enmity can come from those that take some kind of offense from either what you do, or from what you don't do, or say or even think. You can avoid most of this pettiness by standing up for your values and ideals.

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