Empty Houses Eleventh House


You have a way of making friendships very quickly, and there is a tendency to be attracted to members of the opposite sex. Although this often makes for happy relationships, it can also blur the distinction between platonic and sexual relationships; thus leading to misunderstandings and possible breakups, which might otherwise not happen. You tend to associate with companions on an active level, such as in sports, or in what might be called: "horsing around." You're quick to defend your close friends, or come to their aid when in need, and they in turn come to trust and value you. You can further your fondest hopes and wishes through courage, enterprise, and drive. Friendships can also be useful in bringing about your long range plans.


There is a tendency to be fortunate in making friendships with people that will be an asset to you. Friends would make good partners in financial matters, or in sharing equal interests in a business. Most of your close associations will be long lasting, and of a permanent nature. There is apt to be an emphasis on recreation and entertainment when companions get together for pleasure and fun. Friendships can be developed around activities that have to do with the arts: music, painting, sculpting, and other creative projects. Steady progress on the path to realizing your hopes and wishes will continue, with occasional friendships developing along the way. Patience and planning will bring about that which you desire, and much of what you receive will be due to the friendships you have made through the years.


You're very likely to attract a wide variety of friends, and although there may be those that will remain constant, it is more likely that they will come into your life, and then move on. You have an inclination to be drawn to intellectual types, or those associated with the news, or publishing media. Being on the road, or visiting other places, ought to present many possibilities of gaining new companions. You will probably remain in contact with old time associates through letters or telephone, and arranging reunions would be well to your benefit. Relationships based on friendships are apt to be changeable, and in some cases unreliable. The fulfillment of many of your hopes and wishes will undoubtedly be in some kind of flux through the years, although change can be good in that loftier goals can be targeted.


You tend to regard your closer friends with deep respect and great esteem, and these relationships usually last for long periods of time. There is a strong family influence regarding the making of new friends that occurs when the home becomes the center of recreation and social activity. Old friends are thought of like family, and treated in much the same way. Your fondest hope and wish will probably be the creating of a home, and making it a center of comfort and security. Having a piece of land would be ideal for constructing a home of your own design, and of course you can count on able help from those you have become friends with over a period of time. There is a natural inclination to raise a family, and have the family traditions carried on by your children.


Your outgoing nature and happy outlook draw many people to you, and they invariably become close friends. You enjoy the company of young people, and get along well with children, and they tend to look up to you with respect and admiration. Because of your diverse nature, you can expect to find companions with varying interests in fields such as science, literature, art, and philosophy. Many of your closer friends will seek you out for advice or consultation on matters of personal importance, and your sense of objectivity and fairness is much appreciated. As the years pass, you are apt to come into greater contact with people in important positions, or positions of influence in the worlds of society and business. Your fondest hopes and wishes could reach fulfillment through those you have known down through the years.


There is a tendency to make and maintain friendships at the intellectual level; this would include people at educational institutions, newspapers, publishing houses, bookstores, and research centers. Travel may be especially good for meeting people, especially short and medium range trips. Other areas of mutual interest might be health, hygiene, pets, diet, and inter- action at the work place. Compatible relationships are important to you, and friends that are not tend to drift away; therefore it can't be said that you have a wide array of friendships, but rather a close knit group that has been assembled with some degree of discrimination. The ultimate fulfillment of your fondest hopes and wishes may not hinge on how exacting and precise your criteria is, but to what extent you will accept anything less.


This is a very good placement that indicates an abundance of friends and companions, and happiness and good fortune surrounding them. You have a personable nature that attracts people to you making it easy to meet new friends, and they count you as one of their best. There are certain areas of interest that brings you into contact with mutually compatible people in which bonds can be formed. These tend to be in all areas involving creative expression, and places of beauty, such as art centers, gardens and parks, beauty salons and hair styling shops, interior design and architecture, and in all aspects of the musical world. Your hopes and wishes have excellent prospects of reaching their full realization in their due time.


You tend to form serious attachments to your close friends and companions, and usually maintain long lasting ties with those you have been associated with over time in various mutual interests, such as running a business, or sharing recreational activities. The possibility is good for meeting new people, and forming friendships around marinas, bays, harbors, ships, fishing trips, and pleasure boating that might include water skiing, or river running. Casual friendships with the opposite sex could turn into sexual relationships. This could be fine as long as there is mutual understanding, and it didn't involve someone else's spouse. Jealousy and resentment is possible among less close friends, but the extent of this would depend much on your own attitude and perspective.


There is great camaraderie among your close friends, and a real inclination to be festive and happy. Participation in games and sports, whether indoors or out, would be conducive to everyone's enjoyment. Spectator sports might have the same appeal with the group coming together either at a stadium, or racetrack, or at home in front of the TV. You might even have some luck betting at the track. You could be certain to find interesting friends traveling abroad, or combining business with travel in a foreign land. You tend to make friends easily, although many of them will come into your life, and then move on in their own time. Your fondest hopes and wishes are apt to change as circumstances assume various priorities, but you can expect your close friends to take an interest and be active in the fulfillment of your goals.


You tend to be somewhat shy in your younger years, but as you grow older there is a greater confidence developed that makes it easier for you to develop friendships, and these are often of a solid and lasting nature. Your business associates can become close personal friends, and being a member of a club or organized group provide contacts that may prove valuable in furthering your long range interests. You take your friendships seriously, and this often makes you cautious or reserved about getting involved too soon. Your hopes and wishes incline you to work hard for greater success and esteem with both your business and social standing. As you mature into life, you can expect the second half to bring greater rewards, and a sense of accomplishment for all your work and planning.


Your far reaching outlook tends to attract very interesting people to you. They might be a little different, and some can be progressive or even radical in their ideas. You are often drawn to form friendships with people from different ethnic groups, or religions, or cultures. It can be said that many of your friends are unique, and you don't care if they do stick out in a crowd, because you value their friendship very much. It is not unusual to find your friends among inventors, aviators, scientists, educators, and leaders of avant-garde movements. Much of what you would wish and hope for tends towards the idealistic, and there is a strong altruistic streak that makes you a friend of those that have a good cause to work for.


There is a natural inclination to form friendships that are warm and personal, and you enjoy establishing a rapport with those that would be your companions. It is easy being the first to arrive when help is needed, or when a friend is ill and requires assistance. Although you are likely to establish life long companions, there may be many that will come into your life, and then go out of it; some will make a lasting impression that could be missed over the years. Because of your sympathetic nature, it would be wise to use discrimination in choosing whom to make your friends, since they may ask you to make sacrifices on their part, and in your effort to be helpful, you might be taken advantage of. Your hopes and wishes tend to be modest in scope, and you can be satisfied with your attainments in life.

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