Empty Houses Tenth House


You are likely to take a keen and active interest in your occupation or profession. There is a natural tendency to strive to become an administrator, or work in a position of authority. Although many occupations are usually associated with men, there is an attraction to such areas as police work, or military service. Other areas that you have an inclination for is in the medical and dental fields; especially where surgery or invasive procedures are common. Building and design work, especially architectural, would be especially lucrative in a world that is becoming increasingly made of concrete and steel. You possess the initiative and drive to get the job done, and others look to your leadership for incentive and motivation.


This area of your horoscope is favorable for financial dealings as relates to your occupation or profession. Accounting, stocks-bonds, and banking would all indicate a successful career if you should decide to pursue these interests. You also have a flair for art and creativity, and could make a living working in fields that allow for your natural talent. Everything from music to landscaping would bring benefit in the form of increased income, or added reputation. You are not inclined to move from one thing to another, or change professions once you have established yourself in your field. Whether working for yourself or a big outfit, there is a certain amount of contentment, and satisfaction being involved in a successful endeavor or enterprise.


There is a natural inclination to be drawn to a business or occupation that involves speaking or writing, or in fields that have to do with publishing or the communication industry. Travel could also play a prominent role in conducting business affairs, or setting up business sites around local counties or the state. You may have a tendency to become involved in several occupational interests at once, and in areas with changeable conditions as part of their normal operations. Sales positions might appeal to you since you can be persuasive with the use of your speaking skills. Some benefit may come through sharing mutual responsibilities with partners, and particularly with family members, although you would be happy working for someone else, or in a large company.


There are many possibilities for success in any number of professions. You may have a preference for working in the home, such as setting up a home office, or doing computer work for a company without having to go to a place of employment. You would meet with success working with people, or in a public capacity, such as in public relations. You could do well in the catering trades, or in domestic service, or owning a lodging business. Although the transition from city life to the rural environment is not a common occurrence with most people or families, there is a natural inclination to work with plants as a profession, and this would be conducive to farming or agricultural interests. It might be better for independent involvement rather than taking on partners in a business situation.


Your capacity for hard work, and a desire to achieve something in life indicates success in a chosen field or profession. There is a likelihood of attaining to important positions, or positions of reputation and honor. You tend to be proud of your efforts, and are seldom put off from your anticipated goals. You would do well in the educational field, and other related areas of instruction or teaching, especially in higher education, or tutoring. Your talents tend to the theater as an actor; the area of drama is indicated, and this could extend from the stage to television. A profession within the world of finance is possible, maybe in banking, investments, or the stock market. You could handle your own business quite well on your own, although partnerships would work too.


You may be drawn to seek a profession in the communications industry; newspaper work or publishing would be good, and the electronics industry also, particularly in fields dealing with telephones or radios. You are a natural administrator, and would be comfortable in an office situation. Clerical activities, and the handling of business affairs might appeal to your sense of getting the job done in a timely and orderly manner. You could end up in a profession where travel plays a big part, or in the transportation field. From the automobile industry to aviation or railroading, and all related areas, these would be beneficially productive for you whether as ticket seller or chief executive. Avoid entanglements in partnerships as you would probably be better off without them.


Your natural creativity may lead you to establishing a position in occupational fields dealing with aesthetic matters. The gem industry would fall into this area; from cutting and polishing of precious stones to their placement in expensive jewelry, your sense of design would bring satisfaction and success. Interior design and decorating, whether homes or offices, would also be beneficial. You may have talent for music; this could lead to a career in a band or orchestra. Writing music is also indicated. There is an attraction to industries that develop and produce beauty products, such as cosmetics, perfumes, combs, brushes, etc. Other artistic areas range from painting and drawing to flower arranging. In most cases, taking on a partner would be beneficial for your own business.


One of the more likely places to be involved in any occupation or profession would be near or on the water. Even underwater operations such as marine salvage would be appropriate for this vibration. Another example might be owning or operating a seafood restaurant on fisherman's wharf. You could find your niche in the medical field, especially in a laboratory analyzing specimens, or in doing research on various illnesses. Once you make up your mind about a life work or career, there should be little reason to expect that to change, and you can be very determined to achieve the objectives you set for yourself. You could be drawn to the soft-drink or brewing industry. Other industries include chemical, fertilizer, pesticides, and sprays. A partnership could get in the way of the operation in your own business.


You could be drawn to a career in government service, particularly in holding a diplomatic or consular position. Similar positions in private industry would appeal to you, such as being a representative of a large corporation in a foreign land. Other areas of interest might include working in financial markets, such as lending institutions, stock markets, banks, accounting houses, and insurance companies. There are possibilities for success in the shipping industry, especially where overseas trade is concerned. A certain amount of achievement is indicated in the publishing business if the effort is taken to enter this area. All in all, you have a favorable influence working for you in so far as choosing and pursuing a particular occupation or profession.


This position is very good for starting and building a business that would ultimately be a success, but it will require hard work and patience. You have a knack for organization, and a flair for administration that will advance you through the ranks to executive positions. Advancement is likely in the manufacturing industry, especially in the making of everyday commodities that are useful and often needed. You could fill many positions in the mining industry, whether in the office or working in the earth. There is a likelihood of earning top dollar for sales of land and real estate; your persistence is apt to pay off, and put you in a position to establish your own company. Partnerships could be entered into if done with caution, although you are quite capable of running a business of any size.


You tend to be a visionary at times, and this leads you to seek occupations or professions that are at the cutting edge of technology, or breaking new ground for doing old things in new ways. Your interests encompass a wide range of potential career choices that would include aero-space, computer technology, electronics, and many areas that would challenge your intellectual capabilities. Ironically, this would also include the arcane sciences such as astrology, and various psychic fields that would utilize your innate and powerful intuition. You might find satisfying experiences in the writing field, or with architectural drawing, or operating a new age book store. Whatever you finally end up doing with a career choice, it will undoubtedly tend toward the slightly eccentric and unpredictable.


You have a natural inclination to be near the sea; this may lead you to seek a career in such fields as marine biology, fishing, or operating a boating service that includes everything from tugs to salvage operations. Other areas you might be drawn to are medical and health care, especially where patient services are provided such as nursing. You have a tendency to be drawn to occupational areas that are out of the way, and where you don't mind working alone, or in confined spaces. The usual examples include prisons, hospitals, reformatories, and sanitariums. You can become very attached to your chosen field, and devote extra time, or become emotionally involved with those around you to the extent that everyone shares many of the same experiences.

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