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People have a tendency to see you as outgoing, dynamic, and often aggressive. Your courageous nature, and willingness to go to the aid of those in need have an inspiring effect on many around you. There is a strong physical attraction that draws the opposite sex to you, and this is more likely where there is recreational activities or sporting events, especially along competitive lines. Your wants and desires tend to be under an element of compulsion at times, and it would be wise to exercise greater patience or control in consideration of those around you. You tend to view the world as a plum that can be seized; your self-will and determination will decide to what extent your actions will be deemed appropriate, or brought under condemnation by those that feel the affect of your perseverance.


You tend to see the world as a fortunate place to live, and in most cases, it will be good to you in return. Your patience and reserve are held in esteem by those that recognize your good intentions and lofty goals. Others will find your physical appearance to be pleasant, attractive, and exuding an element of warmth and congeniality. You could establish yourself as a financial expert through banking, stocks-bonds, and lending institutions, or make a place in the world of art through sculpture, painting, and architecture. There is apt to be a lucky aspect to your life, although you may be cautious, or hold back at the crucial moment. Avoid a tendency to be obstinate, or refuse to change when it would be best to do so, as you may find it difficult to give up your stubborn streak.


For you, the world is a place to travel, see, and experience in all its variety. Your manner of personal expression through thought, writing, and oratory could bring recognition in any of those fields. Others are apt to perceive you in a physical sense as alert, aware, quick on your feet, and on the move most of the time. You have an intellectual appeal to many people that would have them seeking you out for information or advice. Because of your quick wit, and active schedule, you have a tendency to take on projects before completing those already started. You may be fortunate in a business involving short journeys, or establishing several business locations not located too far apart, yet connected by highway, and accessible to the public at large.


You have a way of reaching out to the world that others perceive as warm, nurturing, and sympathetic. The bio-diversity of life is highly respected, and you would protect that which becomes threatened to the best of your ability. Others see you as sensitive, aware, and a highly tuned individual that elevates human values above mere things, and recognizes the family as particularly important. You possess a vivid imagination, and depth of thought that allows insight into the deepest reaches of most people's beliefs and feelings. Because you do have a sensitive nature, it would be best to guard against anyone that might hurt or upset you emotionally, or bring your character into poor light, although this is not usually a common occurrence.


Your inclination to be successful, and attain to positions of influence tend to create a positive outlook as seen by the outer world, and in turn casts a good light on you and your ambitions. You enjoy being highly qualified at what you do, and will work long and hard to achieve that feeling. Your natural pride and loyalty will lend dignity to your causes and projects that will incline others to join with you in your endeavors. Your management and organizational skills should bring some level of respect that insures a modicum of success, although hasty decisions not thought out, or tempestuous impulses could land you with more setbacks than you might think. With you, life is not all work, but play as well; this brings interests in recreation, social situations, and educational opportunities.


Others will tend to see you as discriminating or even fastidious. Your projection out to the world is one of good taste, and a keen mind. You enjoy lively conversation, and intellectual challenges that makes you popular with many people, especially in and around the work place. Your helpful and attentive nature is a welcome interlude for those that need comfort and encouragement, and you can count on the support of those that you have helped in the past. You may have a tendency to be too critical about what other people say or do, and this could lead to misunderstandings, or create reactions that have an adverse effect on your relationships. Because of your changeable nature, consider your decisions after careful consideration, rather than be too hasty and lose control of the situation.


The view you tend to give to the world is one of a well adjusted and happy individual. Others may seek you out as an arbitrator, or come to you for advice or recommendations since your sense of fairness and balance is acknowledged and valued. You become uneasy around dissention and bickering, and will avoid situations that make you apprehensive. You have a naturally attractive and comfortable bearing that brings friendships and associations in both business and pleasure. Your social life is likely to be filled with people that possess refined tastes, and artistic talents. You may also be inclined to enter partnerships, or the marriage partner could become involved in business ventures or enterprises that would be successful.


To the world you appear self-reliant, confident, in control, and determined to achieve your goals. Your own view of the world is one of opportunity, and a place to work, play, and follow the pursuits of the good life. You are fully capable of forging ahead with your own agenda without being slowed down by interference or obstacles, nor do you usually need to ask for help or assistance when the going gets rough. Your depth of vision along with your store of resources amounts to a considerable force in dealing with business undertakings, and public or social aspirations. There may be a need to ease back in certain circumstances so as not to become too authoritative or forceful in your relations with family, co- workers, and friends.


Your outgoing optimism and sense of fair play will stand out in how the world apprehends you, especially from the viewpoint of your usually healthy and robust nature. You tend to be fortunate in how you handle your affairs with other people, and in the way you often impress those in positions of influence. There is an innate desire to see the world and experience other cultures, not only for your own education, but to become aware of the views and ideas of other people. You have a knack for adjusting to various situations because of your tendency to take a philosophical approach when confronted with dilemmas, or in dealing with difficult problems. Avoid the inclination to vacillate, or be hasty; this is usually the result of a tendency to restlessness, and a desire for change.


Most of the world that sees you will observe a conscientious, quiet, conservative, and stable individual. You tend to be a good worker that seldom complains, and have a manner of quietly working your way up the corporate or social ladder. Your contemplative nature would have you avoid the emotional crises that so easily occurs with more temperamental types. There may be those moments when others see you as a cold and calculating thinker, which tends to give them the impression that a certain amount of empathy is lacking. You are not prone to vacillate or change your views or attitude very often, and your preference is for a structured setting that clearly defines everyone's roles whether in business or the work place.


Your window to the world reveals you to be an original, innovative, and somewhat unpredictable individual that enjoys the odd and unusual, the old and the futuristic. You tend to be idealistic and often hold utopian ideas; this can lead you to take on causes that protect individual freedoms, privacy, and the pursuit of happiness. You can count on many varied people to be good friends and companions, and assist in your endeavors whether for business or recreation. Your interests range from such subjects as antiquities and ancient beliefs, to modern science, new inventions, electronics, and computer technology. There is little that can be hidden or with-held from you because of your inquiring mind and innate sense of intuition.


You tend to look upon the world with a sense of great expectation and idealism, and the world returns to you the kindness and sensitivity that marks your general character and outlook. You have a depth of perception that reveals the inner nature of those things that usually stay hidden and unknown to many other people. Friendships are often personal and close, although there is a changeable factor that tends to see people come into your life, and then move on. It is important that you not give too much of yourself for those that might not appreciate your goodwill, as they could take advantage of your inclination to be of help when they come to you asking for favors. Your versatility can lead to restlessness, and this can be controlled by staying busy, and persistent in working on your goals.

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