Empty Houses

Of the major factors that astrologers use in delineating a chart or horoscope, all the planets including sun and moon, come to a total of ten (not counting part of fortune, nodes, asteroides, etc.) The horoscope is composed of twelve houses that describe the mundane affairs of the individual as experienced in life. In all cases, there are two houses that will be empty; and in most cases many more. In some charts, the planets are bunched so closely together that it is not unusual for eight, nine, or even ten houses to be empty of their direct presence. This does not mean that empty houses are ignored in a good reading. On the contrary, the sign on the cusp, or leading edge of the empty house, along with its ruling planet, allow an inference to be made in regard to that area of life. Many basic text books of astrology do not include readings on empty houses. In most cases, it is necessary to hunt down a text specifically written to cover this area.

Interpretations have been written for all twelve houses of the twelve astrological signs on the cusp of every house; all you need is the horoscope, or a knowledge of which sign is on the cusp of what house. The readings given here will help in understanding the horoscope in a much broader and richer context.

The First House is the window through which you see the world, but also the window through which the world sees you. Your physical appearance and presentation is how others perceive your outward manifestation; and first impressions come through the Rising Sign, or Ascendant, which is the cusp of the first house. Represents head and face.

The Second House deals with a person's finances, or the area in life that pertains to assets and personal worth in terms of worldly goods; shows gain or loss according to conditions affecting this house. Denotes ears and throat.

The Third House has to to with short journeys; correspondence, communications, reading, studying, mental abilities and inclinations. Rules the nervous system, lungs, arms and hands.

The Fourth House centers about the home and living environment; shows conditions at end of life. Has to do with land, mines, property; father, and rules the breast, organs of digestion, and stomach.

The Fifth House is involved with social affairs, children, speculation, romance, and the lighter side of the emotions. Pertains to the heart, upper back, and sides.

The Sixth House denotes work, service, health, pets, servants, hygiene, and clothing. Relates to the bowels, and solar plexus.

The Seventh house has to do with marriage, partnership, contracts, lawsuits, and relations with the public. The sign has rule over the lumbar region, kidneys, renal glands, and urinary system.

The Eighth House deals with wills, legacies, inheritances, death, astral experiences, and all things connected with the dead. Has to do with the sex organs, muscular system, and bladder.

The Ninth House is associated with foreign lands, long journeys, the higher mind, education, ideals, values, religion, and philosophy. Its domain includes the thighs, and liver.

The Tenth House is linked to an individual's occupation, or profession; also fame, promotion, honor, government, and the mother. Has rulership over the knees.

The Eleventh House is associated with friends, companions, hopes and wishes. Pertains to the ankles.

The Twelfth House has to do with secrets. seclusion, isolation, enemies, unseen trouble, limitation, exile, prisons, monastaries, hospitals, and the occult side of life. Rules the feet.

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