[A short answer to a student's question]

John, you've said that the soul evolves in the same framework as life in the physical plane. Could you be more specific?

A soul is a portion or unit of universal consciousness; mind and Spirit are synonymous. Life is Spirit, and soul is that aspect of Spirit inherent in every living entity. Possibly, soul, mind, and Spirit are substantive in a form of energy in some way associated with gravity, but not in the same way that matter is. It is unclear.

There are two ways that evolution can be thought of in terms of an active process. The first is on the large scale of physical evolution from the beginning, in the Darwinian sense of survival, to the present. The second is Spiritual evolution. Individual souls learn from mistakes, and have the opportunity to correct them. Both follow the same initial path through life and can be anticipated to adapt and survive as time unfolds.

In the beginning, the Idea of creation inherent in cosmic intelligence came to work in combining the appropriate material to hold a tiny spark of itself originally given from within a star. This simple cosmic pulse, under creative guidance and the laws of physics, could be built upon through time from the inertial energy held within that spark. Soul came into being, most likely, in a ratio of one part Spirit to a hundred parts matter in cellular organisms. Over time, as entities evolved, the ratio began to change. More complex organisms soon reached maybe a ratio of ten parts soul/mind to ninety parts matter. Plant life came into range within something like 20 to 50 percent, and animal life 50 to 80 percent. Evolution is the path of refinement leading souls to a more highly developed state of Being. When humans dawned upon the scene, physical evolution became less involved; the focus became centered on the continued growth of the soul. The human entity now comes to represent probably 80 to 95 percent Spirit, and less than 5 percent matter—theoretically.

Once humankind came out of the cave, learned to make fire and the wheel, they took a separate route from the animal kingdom. The long path from the beginning is still in full operation; through reproduction souls are heirs to their past heritage, and come to birth holding their share of accumulated Spiritual growth. But the human soul in life is always short of completion. Hence, evolution now depends on our ethics, values, morals, and choices. We have come to a point in time with the means to fashion, and control the future of our world for better or worse.

But what of the last 5 percent of growth yet to be attained? Once souls reach 100 percent they are no longer bound to the physical plane. One might say they "bud" off from the system that gave them their beginning. But what do they do? Many work close to our world aiding us in our own efforts, for others: their work is just beginning, far far away.

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