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Within these electronic walls you are welcome to take the following ideas as they fit within your own conceptual framework, or even consider the reasons why they may not. The page of quotes is for your enjoyment, and possess a value that is unique to the one that reads them.

Favorite Quotations: Within our own inner landscape of thought, there may be found a place of particular joy and contentment that fits within the scheme of things but stands out as unique, a place of quiet contemplation where the search for truth finds rests upon its own pedestal, revealed in all its wonder and glory.

Click here to view Carl Sagan's study on Nuclear Winter.

A journey through history: From the very early days of humankind to the present, we have arrived at a point in time that will decide the fate of the world.

Sentient Universe. The Metaphysics of Astrology. This ebook was written to establish a conceptual foundation for astrological thought, and bring a sense of dignity to this ancient truth. To get a quick general sense of what's going on in this rather involved work please click on this link. [a brief intro].

The Interview. An imaginary interview that focuses on the broad implications that life could have on the notion of creation itself.

The Tenth of a Second Detour. This article was originally published in the February 2007 issue of Fate Magazine. Mystical experiences often involve life and death situations.

Plotinus and Swedenborg: This imaginary dialogue centers on the role of the sun in the theology of Emanuel Swedenborg in contrast to the system of Plotinus' Three Hypostases.

Sidereal Theology: It is an old idea, but in light of modern cosmology, and sound philosophical principles, a common conceptual foundation is possible that preserves individual religious ideals within a higher truth.

True Heaven of an Islamic Martyr: It has become obvious to everyone paying attention to the latest news that suicide bombers are being used as weapons of war. Muslim youth are being convinced that their martyrdom is sanctioned by Allah himself. Sadly, most of them do it for their own glory and rewards, not for their God. The ramifications go beyond this world.

The Case for Soul Mates: For those of you interested in esoteric subjects, maybe this piece will interest you, it is a popular concept with many people.

Marriage: I have been asked about Gay Marriage, and my opinion about its status in society. There are not likely to be many people in agreement with me, but there is usually an alternative way to look at some things, and this is one of them. Here is my answer.

Pro-Choice–Pro-Life: After discussing marriage and children, this is a good place to approach another contentious subject: Pro-choice, and pro-life.

What is Astrology?: A statement concerning the fundamental beliefs about the truth regarding astrology is always helpful.

The Evolving Soul. John, you have said that the soul evolves in the same framework as life evolves in the physical plane. Could you be more specific?

Power of the Symbol in Astrology: I wrote this to emphasize the dynamic aspect of psychological theory on astrological teachings.

Dialogue of a Problem This is an astrological problem that most astrologers do not want to talk about, and some don't even know about. It should be considered by every student in their early studies.

Group Souls: A Short Discussion on the Nature of Group Souls as read from the Mystic Plane.

Another perspective on Transits: This view explains how the motion of the planets affect an individual's response to them in reading a horoscope.

The Flaw in Christianity: Christianity is burdened with a problem regarding the literal truth of the Bible. Being the Word of God does not guarantee that it is a factual account of what it claims.

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