Part II: Ground for the Mystical Experience


         The primary element of consideration in this treatise has been the mystical philosophy of Plotinus, its historical significance on religion, and his perceived notion of the cosmos. In light of modern day science, his philosophical concepts are out of date, and no longer relevant to the universe of today. Nonetheless, with a little tweaking to bring his thought up to date in the 21st century, and a change in perception, maybe all is not lost. Whether a case can be made for the relevance of the mystical experience in this day and age is open to question and debate. Is mysticism a valid means of attaining knowledge? If so, then a case needs to be made that answers this question.

         Metaphysical descriptions of reality stand on mystical grounds that, so far, transcend physical proof. Lacking that, there remains little choice but to seek out other mystics from all ages and backgrounds, and listen to what they have to tell us. Diverse religions spring from mystical grounds, and within each religious faith the tenets and beliefs of that religion form the basis for mystical experiences. Plotinus does not associate his ideas with any religious view of the time, but more importantly today, is the only mystical philosopher that has developed a conceptual structure explaining how life in a sun-planet system might work in terms of a creative principle with the power to make it possible.

         Plotinus is not the only mystic to experience visions since many others share similar features of his mysticism, even to the extent of borrowing the language he uses. With no preconceptions of how the experience should unfold, it is likely that Plotinus came closer to a clear understanding of the truth than might have otherwise been possible. The mystical tradition is historically well known in all cultures; it is inherently possible to all people everywhere. It cannot be found outside the soul. It is an experience of the soul.


Part II Mystical Experience

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