Ultimate Legacy

 The Ultimate Legacy

         There must be a natural mechanism by which Mind perpetuates itself in a system seemingly designed for that purpose. How this works comes out of the esoteric realm and is mystical in origin, but based on the structure of our physical universe and the laws that have come to define it. What determines the existence of any universe, and its outcome, is dependent on the role that a vast intelligence plays while shaping its meaning and purpose.

         In theory, the Idea of creation in the form energy, the M-force, or Big Bang, gives rise to M-flux, cosmic sentience, the primal first hypostasis. M-field evolves into stars and galaxies, the primordial second hypostasis. The primordial third hypostasis, our solar system, now comes to be understood through the dialectic of the three Hypostases as taught by Plotinus.

         In the beginning primordial or ontological Sentience emerged at the birth of the universe, and the initial energy stirred and gathered as Dark Matter. In time, through the attractive force of gravity, and the formation of simple particles, stars began forming. It took a long time for evolving stars to reach the level of creative Intelligence that enabled the generation of life. With life taking hold the universe became sustainable, and continues to expand as it grows.

         The universe is a living entity, it grew from youth, will decline with age, and pass on. It is the same with stars, and of course, ourselves. While science and theology can connect the beginning to the end, since it is very obvious, it cannot connect the end to the beginning. Science might be thought of as a closed system of study, it deals with what comes and goes as matter. Theology, on the other hand, is an open system, souls are considered to be eternal. But there is something that connects them both, and that is life. Through life a connection can be made that represents a cycle, and cycles do not end, a cyclical system can endure forever. Life can connect both the beginning to the end, and the end to the beginning.

         Out of the chaos of the early universe the “stuff” of Mind and the formation of matter took opposing forms yet required each other. The Idea of Life at this stage could only have been a vague dreamlike image from a dim unknown past that gradually dawned as a remote possibility. As the universe evolved into its present form, so also did the Idea of life as the innate energy of Spirit coalesced into the driving power of stars. As Spirit gives rise to Sentience through the solar orb, so does Soul give rise to Mind through flesh. If the cycle is to be completed, then Living Soul must return to the form from which it evolved. The formation of stars through Spirit maintains the continued life of this universe until such time as it joins the others, coming into being and passing away, in perpetuity.

         Universes are physically isolated, but Spirit is not. If stars represent an authentic spiritual power, then we must take account of the forces underlying star formation. Dr. Franklin of the Hayden Planetarium once stated that: The very fact that you can see a star indicates that it must die. It’s giving you energy, but it does not have an infinite store. So it’s going to have an end. And if it had an end, it had to have a beginning.

          Another astronomer offers a theory of the birth of massive stars that may be triggered by shock waves traveling through large cool clouds of interstellar gas and dust. But he concedes that how stars such as the sun are formed remains one of the most vexing problems of contemporary astrophysics. One of the physical theories behind star formation is gravitational instability. Michael Zeilik asks us to imagine a uniform, but static cloud of gas in space:

          “Imagine then that the gas is somehow disturbed so that one small spherical region becomes a little denser than the gas around it so that the small region’s gravitational field becomes slightly stronger. It now attracts more matter to it and its gravity increases, which increases its gravity even more, so that it picks up even more matter and contracts even further. The process continues until the small region of gas finally forms a gravitationally bound object.” 25

        What is this “disturbing” factor in star formation? It is a fact that stars are born, and the simplest theory suggests a beginning through a slight gravitational imbalance. Could a perfect, omniscient, and powerful Soul spiraling in a field of dust and gas account for this beginning? Mystical teachings allude to something akin to the idea of a spiritual beginning in this quote:

          “The expansion of the universe is maintained by the birth of individual spirit-sparks which as drops of His cosmic identity are scattered throughout the universe as billions of seeds of light, each one with a unique destiny, yet each one an exact replica of the original unity that was and is God.” 26

         For many of us this idea requires a greater stretch of the imagination than our mundane attitudes will allow. Lack of any physical evidence relegates this view to the realm of superstition and fantasy for those who demand proof. But logically, it allows for the cycle of spiritual and physical processes to be completed. Our current mode of thinking leaves us to believe that from the beginning of the universe, through its evolution and the forming of living entities, and finally to humanity, we are endowed with a soul given through a creative principle that has always been and will always be. So, what happens to us? Religions teach that if we are good, we go to heaven, where we spend all eternity in rapture and bliss, or we go to an eternal hell, and that’s the end of the story. This is not a cycle, this represents a straight line, from a beginning to an end–that never comes.

         As previously mentioned in the Exegesis, we noted that a universe is spawned in the energy fed through the event horizon of a Black Hole, and released in a singularity, or Big Bang in the formation of a new universe. We also noted that information passes through, that information contains the laws of physics held in an Idea unfolding in a plan, or blueprint of the future. Where did this come from? The only place it can come from, an ancient, powerful, and omniscient soul. Where does that come from? Once, eons ago, it had been perfected through a series of living ensouled material beings. Once perfected and released, then finding an ideal location rich in the necessary ingredients, a new star is born. To state it without all the embroidery, through the evolution of human life souls work to become stars, and stars eventually beget other universes. It is a cycle that never ends, universes are continually born and die in an eternal and infinite void of non-existence. Spirit continually maintains the cycle that can never be broken; it is always a dynamic process, and we are a part of it. We are the Gods. We are the bearers of past and future creations. Over eons of time, and ongoing spiritual growth, many of us are still toddlers learning our way around, others have begun their schooling at higher levels. Once we graduate from the planet to the stars, our real education begins.

         Life is the spiritual vehicle for evolving Soul in a universe that completes the cycle of star formation, and returns life in the process we call creation. It is a profound realization to think that souls are bound-up in cosmic processes; processes leading to the building of structures that perpetuate life, mind, and soul throughout the universe; seeds of an Idea sown in cosmic fields of stardust, to be born again.


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